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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our products and services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send e-mail to


Is Grass fed meat that much better for you?

The short answer is Absolutely!  There are a ton of health benefits... to begin with grass fed meat, eggs and dairy are lower in total calories and up to 1/3 as much total fat as grain fed animals... and who doesn't want that right?  Along with that grass fed meat has 500% more CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) or good fats which are found almost entirely in meat and dairy products.  This 'good fat' can inhibit tumor growth and acts as an anti-carcinogen.  Grain fed animals lose almost all of their CLA in the first 5 days of grain feeding!  Grass fed meat has 400% more vitamin A which is important for growth, tissue healing, healthy skin, anti-oxidation and helps to support white blood cell production.  It is 300% higher in Vitamin E which is also an antioxidant and works to protect you from free radical damage.  The list goes on and on but the last benefit I will mention is that our grass fed meat is 75% higher in Omega 3s.  These reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, arthritis, allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and asthma.  You may be asking yourself "can I afford to go grass fed?"  The bigger question is: Can you afford not to?

Another thing to consider when thinking about our naturally grass fed critters against their grain finished feed lot counterparts is the health of the animal.  Sheep, goats, cows and even chickens are meant to be grazing animals.  To achieve optimum health and productivity they need to be able to move around and forage for their food as nature intended.  As a result, our meat is more what meat should be...natural with no additives and optimum flavor!


Can I come see where my food is coming from?

We would Love to have you!  I am a huge advocate of knowing where your food was grown, how it was produced and processed and who is responsible for the finished product that you put on your dinner table.  There is a huge disconnect between producers and consumers and we can close that gap one farm visit at a time!


Do you feel bad raising all these cute little animals for food?

I fall in love with each of my little lambs and goats every year...they are always so cute that it is very hard not to.  I go into it with the knowledge that all of these little guys are eventually going to end up on someones table, including mine.  I would much rather eat our own meat than having to buy it from the grocery store.  I know that while their lives are short our animals are treated with kindness and the utmost of care.  They are allowed to frolic and play, stretch out in the sun and have lots of room to do what sheep and goats do...mostly eat:) So while I do feel a little sorry for them each year I am also greatfull that we am able to raise them the way that we do!