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We are pleased to offer free range meats, organic vegetables, canned goods, preserves and all-natural toys!

Grass Fed Lamb

Our Suffolk lambs are born early in the spring and are rotationally grazed on our fields until fall.  We don't use any fertilizers or pesticides on our land and our animals are exclusively grass fed with no added hormones/ chemical or antibiotics.  Lamb is tender and delicious and is available in whole or halves.  Price is determined by live weight and is $2.50 per pound plus a flat $90 butcher, cutting and wrapping fee.  The butcher will contact you directly for cutting instructions so that your lamb is processed exactly according to your specifications.  For residents of the Spokane and Seattle areas delivery is free and your balance is due upon delivery. 

Please contact us for more information or to researve a lamb!

Varies based on individual weight

Grass fed goat

Our Boer cross goats are raised on mom and then finished on our pastures. We don't use any pesticides or chemicals and our animals receive no hormones or other growth enhancers.  Goat meat is very lean, tender and has a very mild will love it.  Our goats are available in either whole or halves and price is determined by live weight at time of butchering.  Please contact for availability and current pricing.  We are able to deliver to the Spokane and Seattle areas.

Varies based on individual weight

Free Range Chicken

We are currently raising chicken for interested parties once a year.  If we get enough interest we may consider changing that in the future.  The breed that we go with is a "Red Roaster".  They are a slower growing meat chicken that almost exclusively grazes.  They also are a little smaller than the other faster growing breeds of chickens.  We rotationally graze our birds around our pastures and supplement with all natural, locally grown grains.  After 3 months we butcher, clean, wrap and freeze everyone's birds.  Delivery is free to the Spokane area.  Our birds weigh anywhere between 3 and 6 lbs.

Please contact us for more information

Price Varies with size

Organic Zucchini Relish

This relish was made last fall. It is made out of shredded, organically grown Zucchinis and Onions out of our garden. It goes great on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs or anything else that you like relish on...I Love it! It is sealed in a glass pint Jelly jar.
Each jar contains 16 oz.

Price listed is for locals...if you would like a quote for shipping please contact me!

Price: $8.00

Free Range Non-GMO eggs

We have available brown eggs from our flock of free range laying hens.  Our hens do a lot of grazing and are supplemented with local non-gmo grains. 

Price: $3.00 per Dozen

Organic Vegetables

We plant our garden in May and will have a large variety of vegetables available later in the summer! 


All Natural Goat Milk Soap


This is a very nice all- natural goat milk soap that is free of harsh chemicals and dyes.  It is made out of our goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, water, lye and essential oils.  Bars weigh on average 5 oz but vary a little as I hand cut them.

Price: $4.00