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Our Farm is always a busy is some of what is "New on the Farm".


Sirianni Farms is now officially Animal Welfare Approved!

After almost a year of paperwork, audits and inspections I am very pleased to announce that Sirianni Farms has met the national standards to be certified by the AWA!  This means that not only do we know that our furry, wooly and feathered friends are raised and utilized always with thier health and wellbeing in mind but you can know it too.



Looking Ahead!

As 2016 draws to a close we are looking foreward to the new year which is full of new projects and ideas.  Our goals for 2017 include obtaining our non-GMO certification which we are currently in the process of, getting a number or animals processed via a USDA butcher so that we can sell cuts of meat as opposed to whole animals, irrigating fields for hay and grazing, new fencing and maintainence of exsisting fences... the list goes on and on but i am very excited to get started on the new year!